Welcome To SafeHouse Groups

Hi, I'm Vinny, the Director of SafeHouse Groups. On behalf of all of us at SafeHouse Groups (Formerly Fortify Groups), we want to send you the warmest possible welcome. We look forward to helping you on your journey to freedom.

Just a little background and clarification about SafeHouse Groups and Fortify. SafeHouse Groups is a subsidiary of SafeHouse Counseling & Coaching, PLLC, specializing in online and in-person therapy and coaching for those struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors.

A few months after its beginnings in 2014, SafeHouse created support groups for "Candeo," one of the internet's first online anonymous resources for getting help with problematic porn use. By the time the first group had evolved into three over a few months, Fortify had purchased Candeo, and our SafeHouse Groups were integrated into Fortify's new platform. Fortify Groups grew to 19 groups by October 2020. That's when a move from Fortify Groups back to SafeHouse Groups took place.

Many of you may not be aware that Fortify is not a separate company by itself. Rather, it is owned by Impact Collective, which also owns three other platforms devoted to recovery and well-being: Lift (Depression and Anxiety), Turn (Alcohol and Substance Abuse), and soon to be launched Climb (Health and Wellness).

As Fortify and their affiliated companies discussed their own development plans for the future, they found it prohibitive to continue to offer support groups for all platforms and determined if they couldn't provide them for all platforms, they didn't want to provide them for just one. So, they decided to cease group support.

That's where SafeHouse Groups formally reentered the picture. In late August 2020, Fortify offered us the chance to take over the ownership and administration of Fortify Groups, we were thrilled. We saw where we could still maintain our ties to Fortify but open the door for expansion and growth in the services we provide our group members that Fortify would not have offered, even if they would have retained groups.

While it has all happened faster than we thought, we have finally launched our "basic" services with this site, upon which we will build in the weeks ahead.

All this means is that for current Fortify Group members, nothing has changed. Group Meeting ZOOM numbers, Group Leaders, and Meeting Times remain the same. We are now working hard to add several new groups to accommodate more time zones (EU).

Stay tuned, as there's much more on the way.

Again, Welcome to SafeHouse Groups.

Director, SafeHouse Groups